Currently we are in the requirements, architectural design phases.

You can found some information into the following draft documents (pdf):

calvOS System Architecture

calvOS System Requirements

Aditional Info

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About calvOS

“calvOS” project is intended to be an Open-Source Operating System for small size embedded applications, our initial steps walk around 8-bit and 16-bit micro-controller families. Our purpose is to offer a widely configurable Operating System allowing users to customize calvOS to match their specific application needs, they will be able to configure calvOS from a minimal non-preemptive kernel with no additional functionalities other than the ones required for it up to a preemptive system (if micro-controller supports it) with additional features like I/O control, power modes management, memory management, serial communication, etc.

One of our biggest goals is to provide end-users with a Graphical User Interface to fully-configure and prepare calvOS system to start developing their own application layers. With this GUI our intention is that end-users with minimal or null knowledge regarding operating systems can build more interesting and complex applications by getting the advantages of using an Operating System.

Our Initial development line is to cover 8-bit Atmel AVR micro controller's family with GCC-AVR compiler. All our design is focused to allow calvOS system to be easily ported to other compilers and micro controllers and future development plans involve the use of the GUI to select the target MCU and compiler as they get natively supported by the calvOS Development Team.

Future micro-controller architectures planned to be covered by us are:

Project System Architecture

In order to achieve the goals of our project we have divided it into the following components:

These components and a brief idea of their interactions are showed in the following Drawing.

Sys Arch